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ATTENTION:  Knitters and Crocheters, 
Please send us pictures of your Feza Yarn Wearable Art so that we may include them here in our Feza Gallery. Include the Feza Yarn style, color number, the name of the pattern and where customers may find it and anything else that might be of interest. Your name and hometown are optional although we"d love to give you the credit. You can send them to







Platino is perfect for "The Eco Hero" designed by Hilary Hunt
Alp Oriental 3 Ball Throw-Free Pattern upon request with 3Alp Oriental Purchase
Alp Oriental Rounded Shawl-Free Pattern upon request with 1 Alp Oriental
Alp Oriental Afghan-Free Pattern upon request with Purchase of  5 Alp Oriental
Alp Oriental 1 Ball Tote-Free Pattern upon request with 1 Alp Oriental Purchase
Celtic Cable Scarf-Free Pattern upon request with 1 Purchase of Alp Oriental
Fringed Shoulder Cozy-Pattern Free Upon Request with Purchase of 1 Alp Oriental






This 6"x36" Candy Scarf was knit by Drucy Glass of Ithica, NY She used Size 19 needles and cast on 11 Sts and knit 'til she was out of yarn!
She used 2 skeins together but staggered them so the balls would not fall in the same place.
It is very short and bulky. You might want to use 1 skein at a time to get a longer scarf!

Diane Patterson of Pittsburgh, PA did her  fun scarves for 4 and 5 year old little girls.
She did them in seed stitch using size 11 needles
 With purple  and  the middle one she cast on 11 sts. It is 3 3/4 x 53" On the right white one she cast on 13 sts and it  is 4 1/4 x 44 1/2
Our lastest design just in from Shirley Weiner of Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
 This is Jewel in Creamcicle
Pam Stapley of Conyers, Georgia was kind enough to send us
pictures of her  fun boa scarves made up of ribbon (Feza's Silk is ribbon)plus one addition yarn(she used Feza's  Petra, Night, Manhattanor Mesmerize in the above scarves)
Here is a Christmas gift that I gave to some special friends. It was a delight watching as each figure developed
Here's another Christmas present I knit. This is made of 6 balls of Alp Oriental #07 Wow, is this warm and cozy. It's a gift that they'll have for years!
This is Flyaway Jacket, a perfect design for Feza's
Alp Premier yarn. Order the pattern by going to Knitting Patterns and then to "Just One More Row"
Vada Grant of Woodridge, Illinois, shows off her version of the Feza's Rounded Shawl
This is my niece, Mary Dutko, of Cromwell, CT, is wearing her Oriental Scarf. The color is "Purple People Eater"
Margaret Beasley from Greenbrier, Arkansas, loves Alp Premier for its vibrant colors and textures! Here are 3 Alp Premier Arrowhead Scarves she has made. There is a choice of  approximately 30 different colors from which to choose and, believe me, its not easy because one is more beautiful than the last. Free pattern with purchase. Just send me a request @
Here is  a Ladder Scarf  in Alp Virgin.  You can use any yarn. Free pattern with purchase
Send an email to
Virginia Reedy of Argyle, Texas, has just finished her Platino vest. The color is " Guns and Roses"
Bella in her Platino hat and scarf
I made this guitar case for my grandson's 16th birthday. Easy part was the knitting. Hard part was the assembly.I used Feza's Zara and Zarone.
These are  wooly Christmas mittens made by Romy Cascella from Milford, CT. As pictured they required 2 skeins of Platino. We recommend another 1/2 skein for each to make them longer especially if you felt them.  Free Feza pattern with purchase. Request pattern by sending an email to
My Grandog, Rusty, and the coat I  made for him of Feza's Zara Varigated

   Margaret Beasley models the color #3 Alp Oriental " Nancy's Rounded Shawl" which she made. It is a free pattern with purchase of 1 skein of Oriental which  is required. Just email me @ after placing the order and I will include directions
Margaret Beasley from Greenbrier, Arkansas, shows off a 3 button worsted weight shawl she knit from Zara. (I am making the same one in Island which is tweedy)
Margaret has made an Arrowhead Scarf of Alp Premier. This is Feza's signature scarf which looks great in any of the Alp yarns especially Premier, Light or Dazzle
One of my latest! Arrowhead Scarf made of Premier--30+ color choices
Here is a Christmas gift that never made it under the tree as a customer needed this skein to finish a project she was working on
Feza Alp Oriental #03" Walk in Style"- Knit by Designer, Nancy Boccuzzi
Design and Pattern are featured in "Knit n Style" Feb. "09" Issue #159

2 skeins of#302-Safir FingerlessGloves- -FREE PATTERN WITH PURCHASE OF SAFIR
request pattern  by sending an email to


Little Girls Coat-Alp Dazzle and Alp Light

And this folks is Nancy Boccuzzi with one of her latest Creations, Oriental Tuxedo Jacket
  You may have this pattern included with  the yarn purchase. Email  for number of skeins and pattern

This is a closeup of  "Boa Scarf" designed by Pat Shea.It is in Fanatic # 01

This is an Opera scarf created by Christine Talerico

                                                                                      Longwood Scarf

"I made this for my niece. It is varigated lavender (#20 Fanatic). I double crocheted it 4" wide and 54" long. My niece is 30 and it will be for business casual in Northeast PA."     Sunny Cook of Downington, PA. 
                This is a Feza sample of "Oriental Diagonal Jacket". Color # 105 Free pattern with the purchase of 3-5 balls of Oriental.
30/32 and 34/36 require 3 balls
38/40 and 42/24 require 4 balls
46/48 and50/52 require 5 balls
                 email address Send an email requesting that the Oriental Diagonal Jacket be included in order

Here is another Feza Yarn sample. It is the Oriental Vertical Jacket in Alp Oriental in color # 13 and it is free with the purchase of yarn Size small and medium call for 3balls and large and xlarge require 4 balls SEND AN EMAIL REQUESTING ALP ORIENTAL VERTICAL JACKET PATTERN BE INCLUDED IN YARN ORDER

This is  Feza Premier Short Jacket from the "D are to Dream" 08-09 Pattern Book made by Andrea Seip.
It is actually made up in  Alp Dazzle.

More Beautiful Dazzle!!  This is Irene Blumenthal in the Dazzle (#515) Sweater that she knit. This is a free pattern with the purchase of required yarn. Email

Rosemarie Ardis not only knit this Feza Baby "Baby Sweater" in colors yellow and green knit together in seed stitch with #9 needles but she takes the pictures for our Feza Gallery at the Soundview Knitting Guild.The pattern is from Family Circle Easy Knitting Winter 2003/2004 edition


                                                            Balls-         6        7        8        8        9        11       12
Just send a separate e-mail requesting

This is a pattern from the'02' Feza Design book. It is a free pattern with the purchase of Dazzle---4skeins for x small(28-30),
5 skeins for small, medium and large and 6 skeins for x-large.
Send a separate email to requesting the pattern

This is Design #15 Premier Coat It calls for 6 skeins for size 30 &32, 7 skeins for 34,36 & 38, 8 skeins for 40,42, 44 , 9 skeins for sizes 46,48 & 50, 10 skeins for 52 and 11 for size 54
You may have this free  pattern with the order for the Premier yarn by emailing

Here is #13 Mesmerize and Kid Melange Pullover Sweater
It calls for 6 skeins of Mesmerize(7 for XL) and  3 Kid Melange ( 4 for XL)
If you purchase the yarn for this sweater the pattern is free. Send a separate email with the requested pattern to

This is #1 in the "02"Feza Pattern Book . Metallic Kid Bolero Small-8 skeins, med-9 skeins, lge-10 skeins, xl-11 skeins, & xxlg-12 skeins
If you purchase the yarn I'd be happy to send you this free pattern. Email request to

Feza Yarns' "COUNTRY YARNS PONCHO" made of ISLAND (12) skeins
                                                                                                                  ZARA#104 AND #113 (1) skein each
                                                                                                                         MANHATTAN #1 AND #3 (1) skein each
One size fits most

This Cute Clutch Bag is featured in "One Ball Knits: Purses"  Watson-Guptill Publications. It is knit from 1 skein of Feza's Silk--#636


A shawl made of Alp Light made by Dee Sulenski of Toano, Virginia

 Another shawl from Dee. This time she's used Alp Light in # 606 Southwest

Here is a sample entrelac bag made of Feza's Fanatic by Tina Fiorito of Ooltewah, Tennessee. She is planning to teach this in class in August.

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